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I think most of you have already read this story, but posting anyway....

Story Or Series Title:
Shattered Glass: A Child's Innocence
Culprit Author's Name:
Rose9999 and Black Kat (...Okay?!)

Full Name (plus titles if any):
Kira Negata
Full Species(es):
Hair Color (include adjectives):
long blond hair pulled into a ponytail
Eye Color (include adjectives):
teal eyes
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None
Special Possessions (if any):

Annoying Origin:
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters:
The Major's daughter (O__O" WTF?!)
Annoying Special Abilities: The power to let Doc/Rip/Zorin/The Major/Captain/EVERYONE ELSE act totally OOC
Other Annoying Traits: Supersuicidecuttingrapeangst!!1111

God save us..Here is a sample of the story:

Kira’s eyes fluttered open. The silence of her room had been disturbed by the sound of someone shifting their weight somewhere near her window.

“Who is it? Who’s there?”

She looked across her room and peered through the shadows, using the light of the full moon to make out the figure of a short man in glasses.

“Kira, my Kira,” he spoke softly, “Vhy von’t you come home?”

Her eyes widened as sweat poured down her face.

“Who are you? Vhat do you vant vith me?” she shrieked.

Kira Negata sat up abruptly and searched her room. Nothing and no one found, she turned on the light and held her head in her hands.

“That dream. Who ist that man?”

For years now, ever since she’d been adopted, Kira had had haunting dreams of a man begging her to go to London, but who was he?

She had lived in an orphanage ever since she could remember. She didn’t know who her parents were, or why they’d left her. But that man was so familiar.

She knew she was half German. Was he a relative?

She grabbed her clothes and the suitcase she had packed and unpacked so many times before.

“This time, I’m finding him.”

Leaving her roommates a note, she threw her case and purse in the car. Having gassed it up the day before, she knew she would be there in a matter of hours.

As she drove, she popped one of her American C.D.’s in the player and listened on the otherwise quiet drive.

Oh noes, an orphan! I thought she was German, so how did she get a Japanese name? And wtf is up with the accent?!

On to the "Doc" action....

As she sipped her yogurt, she kept her head low and wouldn’t meet the staring eyes anymore. Her shame was written across her face as the red returned to her cheeks once more.

“I thought you might appreciate it.”

Her head jerked up to see Doc still eating his sandwich.

“I figured lifting a spoon might be painful.”

His blue eyes bore into hers as she looked into his.

“I do. Danke.”

There was a long silence as the two finished up their meals. When Doc returned from throwing their trash away, he helped her back to his lab.

As she lay down on the cot, he closed the door. Turning his attention to her, he released his anger.

“Dammit Fraulein! Vhat the Hell vere you thinking?”

Kira, taken aback by his outburst, sneered.

“I vas thinking that I should die! That’s vhat I vas thinking! You think it’s easy to be threatened? You think my thoughts vere filled vith HAPPY thoughts vhen he felt me up? Vell think again!”

“You stupid child! You think killing yourself vill solve everything?”

“Nein. I believe killing you vill solve everything,” she retorted icily.

Suddenly, her face met the back of his hand as he slapped her. Pulling away, she growled.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on me! I’ve suffered enough in this life!”

Another slap came, as Doc’s icy gaze burned into her. His face was drawn in a tight sneer as he grit his teeth.

“You haf no idea vhat suffering is! Don’t you DARE speak to me of suffering! You haf NEVER been lost in the darkness und suffered like I haf!” he shouted.

By now, Kira’s eyes had filled with tears as her cheeks burned with the impact of his hand.

DOCSLAP! Hahaha, she suffered?! From what, may I ask? From being too "perfect" and all the ANGST?
And Doc! God, why is he acting so OOC? I pity all the characters who appear in this story...

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