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Hello everyone. I decided to join this community due to my extreme hatred of Mary Sues in general, but especially those in the Hellsing fandom. Anyway, I was on and found this piece of work:

Story or Series Title: Long lost cousin?
Fandom: Hellsing
Culprit Author's Name: Sailor Water Dragon

Full Name (plus titles if any): Krista Lunas Hellsing
Full Species(es): Werewolf
Hair Color (include adjectives): blonde hair
Eye Color (include adjectives): golden eyed
Unusual Markings/Colorations: she had dog ears on the top of her head.
Special Possessions (if any): sunglasses and a black beanie on her head. Xbox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube.

Annoying Origin: America
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: You guessed it, Integra's cousin
Annoying Special Abilities: Telepathy
Other Annoying Traits: Your typical "orphaned, finds out about her connections to Hellsing and is welcomed to the mansion with open arms" Sue. Tends to shriek happily at the sight of red eyes.

“Is there anything I should know before I meet her?” Krista asked, fidgeting in her seat in the back of the car, obviously eager and nervous as well. Seras, who was in the passenger seat, turned her head back to far as she could to face the young wolf.

“Well for one, don’t bug her. Only if it’s an emergency or she’ll kill you, then you have to call her by some kind of sign of respect, like Lady Hellsing or Sir Integra” she began, Krista listened intently.

“Sir? I thought Integra was a girl” she said confused, Walter and Seras laughed.

“Integra is a part of the Knights of the Round, a group of men that are associated with the Queen, but Integra is the only woman so she is called Sir Integra” Walter said, Krista stiffened up.

“Queen? She knows the Queen?”

“Yup, almost personally” Seras added,” If Integra likes you, then you might be the heir to Hellsing and then meet the Queen too”

Krista fell silent, everything was coming way too fast for her to handle. First, her parents die, then she is sent to an orphanage, then finds out that the Hellsing organization is real rather than a mere story that her mother had told her, THEN that she actually had another relative alive.

“Something wrong Miss Hellsing?” Walter asked, Krista looked up at the butler through the rear view mirror in confusion but he smiled back.

“Forgive me, it’s a bit of a habit to call people by their last names…but now there are two Hellsings in the house this will be a bit confusing…” they all laughed, but soon it died down as Krista looked out the window, looking at all the sights moving at a speed where she couldn’t see anything but she still knew it was different from America.

“Never been away from home?” Seras asked, Krista laughed.

“Well, I went to Sweden once but that was it, other than that I’ve never been anywhere out of the city I lived in, but Sweden isn’t too far away from here right?” she half smiled and continued to look out the window. The rest of the trip was silent.

“Whoa” was all the young wolf could say, as they pulled up into the driveway pass the large gates and into the Hellsing Manor. The old England castle was huge, old looking from the inside it seemed, but the wolf’s imagination of what the inside was like was going crazy. The car finally pulled to a stop and Krista nearly jumped out of the car to see her “house” from a better view.

“Welcome home!” Seras gave her a toothy grin, Krista only smiled back with the same amount of teeth to show. Which sparked an idea.

“Hey, can I take my hat off now?” she asked Walter, who was busy taking out Krista’s luggage.

“Oh yes you may, all the soldiers here are very well adapted to…er…creatures of the night so to speak” he said as polite as possible. The two girls laughed then faced each other to reveal what normal humans would fear.

“COOL!” Krista shrieked as she first caught sight of Seras’ red eyes, the vampire would’ve blush if she had blood.

“um…th-thank you…” she stammered, Krista laughed.

“My turn!” she said, and took off her glasses and hat.

“Wow” Seras now faced the golden eyed teenager with astonishment, she wondered what a full blooded werewolf would look like. Both Seras and Krista had the same shaped eyes the only difference was the color, but it wasn’t the eyes that shocked Seras. It was her ears, she had dog ears on the top of her head.

(I dunno how to explain it but her ears are like Schrodiggers ok?)

The vampire couldn’t take it anymore and reached out her hand and tugged on the black ears.

“Hey!” Krista stepped out of Seras reach, the vampire laughed nervously.

“Sorry couldn’t help it” they both laughed and soon the butler interrupted.

“Shall we go in? It’s getting late so I will show you you’re room and you will meet Integra tomorrow”

She nodded and followed Walter and Seras into the mansion. As the huge double doors opened, so did Krista’s mouth.

“WHOA….This place is huge!” she cried out as they entered,” I might get lost!” she laughed, her voice almost echoed through the hallways.

“This way Krista!” Seras called out, Krista quickly followed or else she would’ve gotten lost already. Up stairs and down a few hallways, the three finally reached the door to her room; half way down the trip Krista and Seras had to carrying the luggage after the two noticed her was slowing down. It really was no problem for the two, all Krista had was a gym bag full of clothes and a back pack full of video game systems.

“This is your room” Walter said as he opened the door, and once again her jaw dropped. The room was quite large with a four poster queen sized bed, beautiful rugs and wallpaper and golden dressers to match, the other door led to her own bathroom.

“Make yourself at home” he smiled but Krista still remained speechless,” Seras, will you please help her unpack and show her around? I must attend to Sir Integra”

Seras nodded and Walter left, once he was out of hearing range. Krista immediately jumped into her back pack, getting out her Xbox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube.

“What are you doing?” Seras asked, Krista looked up at her.

“He said make myself at home right? So where are the plugs?” Seras laughed.

“C’mon, I want you to meet my Master first” she said, Krista stood up.

“You mean the Hellsing weapon?” Seras nodded.

“I remember Integra telling me about that in her letter, that our grandfather didn’t really trust the vampire” Seras nodded again,” Hmm then that might explain why my dad left”

“Oh yea! I heard that you’re dad left because his dad didn’t like vampires or werewolves that makes sense…”

Here's a link to the fic in its entirety:
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