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Hello, I just joined, so, this is my first post, and my first Sue.

Story Or Series Title: Hannah
Fandom: Hellsing
Culprit Author's Name: CleoKat

Full Species(es): Vampire.
Hair Color (include adjectives): long midnight black hair that curled up at the breasts level, stopping at her stomach.
Eye Color (include adjectives):Red blood eyes
Unusual Markings/Colorations: Burned by a silver crucifix
Special Possessions (if any): A scent that is very sweet, like fresh blood.

Annoying Origin: Hannah is of course, the perfect beauty that Alucard falls in lust or lurve with.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Alucard is instantly drawn to her and wants her badly.
Annoying Special Abilities: Temptress, and she can hide her presence from Alucard. Always has a witty comment.
Other Annoying Traits: She knows who Alucard is, and Hellsing. She was crucified, on a silver cross, no less, and survived.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

– The question here is who are you?

Her voice was low and sexy.

His smirk grew wider.

He was intrigued. He felt himself vibrating. Ha! A surprise! He loved surprises...

He could feel that she was a vampire. And an old one, judging by her abilities of hiding her presence from him. And also by the clothes that screamed XVIII century...

He kicked the ashes slightly and looked at her.

– This. Did you do this?

Her smile grew and her fangs peeked trough the beautiful full lips.

– What do you think Alucard?

Ha! She knew who he was. His smirk grew in demoniac proportions and he tilted his head to the side, like she had done a while ago.

– Oh yes, I know you. Alucard, Hellsing's vampire.

– Then it seems to me that you have an advantage over me. Because I don't have the slightest idea of who you are.

He took the Casull out of his overcoat and pointed it right to the middle of the female vampire's eyes.

– So, before I put a silver bullet right between your beautiful eyes, you could tell me your name, now couldn't you?

She had a serious expression on her face, looking directly to the barrel of the gun.

– That's a big gun. Trying to compensate something are we? Size problems?

Alucard quirked an eyebrow. Ok, he didn’t saw that coming. He looked at her eyes over the lenses of his glasses and he was surprised to see no fear in them. In the most, she was amused. He smiled. She smiled back.

– These are silver bullets, melted from a cross and blessed. If I pull the trigger, you die.

– If?

Her smile turned clearly sensual.

– When.

She laughed.

She gave a few steps forward, her forehead touching the Casull. Her eyes now had a strange expression in them, considering the current circumstances. Excitement!

– Death Wish
She smirked, her fangs visible and bright in the moonlight.?
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