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"The Nightmare" Begins

To kick off this crazy community, I thought I'd post up a Mary Sue. A bad one! Is there any other sort of Sue on the Internet?

Story Or Series Title: The Nightmare
Fandom: Hellsing (I wish I was a little more witty)
Culprit Author's Name: NightmareSelene (surprise surprise!)

Full Name (plus titles if any): Sunthyre Anderson of the Assamite Vampire clan, aka Akumu 'The Nightmare' Anderson

Full Species(es): Half-vampire half-human

Hair Color (include adjectives): Black

Eye Color (include adjectives): 'Crimson... covered by red-lensed sunglasses, making her pupils seem to disappear'

Unusual Markings/Colorations: None, although her shirt has 'a black flame on the chest'

Special Possessions (if any): I'm sure she has some, but it's been a while since I've read it. I'd like to keep it that way.

Annoying Origin: Love-child of Alexander Anderson (!) produced during a vampire gang-bang (!!) when he was in his rebellious teens (!!!)

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: The very tired Child-of-the-Original storyline

Annoying Special Abilities: To massage the authors ego whilst annoying the readers at the same time

Other Annoying Traits: All of Andersons abilities, the ability to 'withstand sunlight' (even though a lot of vampires can do that in Hellsing) because she is 'a regenerator'. Super vampire speed, strength and abilities. She impresses Alucard.

It's only two chapters. It seems the author decided to spare us and left it at that.

You can find the story at: ""

My Favourite Quotes:

The Description:

“You may want to cut the insults while in our territory. All we’re interested in is the information you claim to have about Iscariot.” The tall vampire replied in an intimidating, low voice, though the girl did not react. Integra looked her over thoroughly. She seemed to be in her late teens, wearing black, chain-strung pants, black combat boots, a red shirt sporting a black flame on the chest and a long, black trench coat. Her black hair cascaded down to her waist, and her crimson eyes were covered by red-lensed sunglasses, making her pupils seem to disappear. In Integra’s opinion, she looked like a rebellious gothic teenager who couldn’t possibly help them in any way other than naming her favorite hard-core rock bands.

Let's Act Arrogant Around Integra:

“Oh, yes, and if you act now, I may consider offering my services full-time.”

(OHH, you're just the hottest thing on two legs aren't you dearie?)

Super Special Ability! Or so the author thinks:

“Get this girl a room...” Integra stared pointedly at Akumu. “I assume you cannot exist in sunlight.”

“Actually, I am primarily nocturnal, but sunlight doesn’t effect me as it would other Vampires because I am a regenerator.” Akumu replied, getting up from her seat.

“Very well, then get her a nice room, with a view, Walter.” Integra ordered, at which the butler bowed and escorted Akumu out of the room. “Welcome to Hellsing, agent Zacroix” (Zacroix - her super special codename)

“A Vampire Regenerator? What is this world coming to?” Alucard muttered, standing up.

The Author Displays Her Cleverness... Hahaha...

“Ah, so I see you have discovered my name’s true meaning. Akumu’s not my real name. My vampiric mother named me Sunthyre of the Assamite Vampire clan...but I didn’t take to it very well. While hiding in Japan, I gained ‘Akumu’ as a sort of nickname, but then again, I suppose your name is a mystery as well.” The girl said, sticking a DVD into the laptop and clicking ‘record’. (NS: In case you didn’t know, Alucard is Dracula backwards, and don’t feel stupid for not realizing it, it took me a whole 3 minutes after hearing Alucard say the, “Well, my name’s a bit of an enigma as well...” line.)
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