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Newbie. XD

Needless to say, I'm new and this is my first review on here. Let me just say, I had the hardest time reading this without killing my self. Yet I some how accomplished it, so here it is.

Story Or Series Title: Princess of Death
Fandom: Hellsing. (Big surpise, eh?)
Culprit Author's Name: kitsunemajin

Full Name (plus titles if any): Kiora Dornez aka Kia.
Full Species(es): Human
Hair Color (include adjectives): Does not say.
Eye Color (include adjectives): Does not say.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None I picked up reading...
Special Possessions (if any): Walter’s wires. -_-‘

Annoying Origin: Walter’s daughter... Wait, WTF!? Walter is 1') Old, 2') A vampire now in manga. 3') Single.  Yet somehow he has achieved the impossible, and is now with child. Even more annoying is the fact that the author never mentions the mother. At all. *Insert gun shot here*

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Daughter of Walter, Partner of Alucard, Works for Integra and... Well, Seras’s has seemingly evaporated in to thin air in this story, thus she has no relationship with her.

Annoying Special Abilities: Ability to annoy (not to mention confuse) me to the point of wanting to stab my self in the eyes, and ability to possibly have Hirano commit suicide if he ever read this. You know. The usual with bad fics. >.<

Other Annoying Traits: She can fight like whoa. Obvious attempt to re-create Young Walter Female version.

Side Note: Reading the story over, I am guessing that this is AU, where Walter has a child long before Seras, Pip, or any Anime/Hellsing events. This I am guessing from the fact that in the fiction, Integra is only 15 years old, which is mainly the only clue (Inless you count the absence of Seras, which can be for other reasons.) Yet the author does NOT inform readers of this, confusing the heck out of the average reader. I might suggest to the author to put AU in the Summery. It would help alot. Thnxs, Dahlin.

Sample of story (In annoying first person format.)

I quickly finished my eggs and looked out the window. Today was the first sunny day this month, too bad I was going to be inside all day. Integra wanted me to help her look over some reports.

It must suck being the leader of the Hellsing Organization at fifteen. I mean, she’s only two months older than I am and I could never do that. Of course that is probably since I’ve been training as a vampire hunter ever since I was ten. Dad really doesn’t want me to but he wants me to be happy so he lets me.

So far I’m a Junior Hellsing Member. I’ve been on a few missions, mainly recon work. Alucard, the Hellsing Family Vampire, has usually been my partner. Dad has been really on his case about making sure that I’m safe during the missions. I don’t think Alucard would normally listen to my father but he seems to like me so he is kind of protective of me, almost as much as he is of Integra.

Slowly, I got up took a quick shower before getting changed and heading downstairs. I made my way to Integra’s office. When I pushed open the door, I saw Integra sitting at her desk, eyes on the paper in front of her. She didn’t notice me come in so I decided to have some fun.

As quietly as I could, I crept behind her. She didn’t notice me and I smiled before picking up a strand of hair on her back.

"Go away Alucard." Integra growled.

I tugged at the hair a bit. This time Integra grabbed my hand before I knew it, I was in an arm lock. We both started laughing before she let me go.

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